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Copernicus Center is an autonomous faculty of Jagiellonian University. It carries out advanced interdisciplinary studies in various domains of sciences and humanities, including mathematics, physics, philosophy and theology.

The secondary role of the Copernicus Center consists in the popularisation of science and education. It regularly organises events for general audience, most notably the Copernicus Festival, and publishes books with the help of the Copernicus Center Press.

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22nd Kraków Methodological Conference

Our viewpoint on the World 'out there' changes dynamically following the evolution of our philosophical and scientific concepts. In this process some of the theories are not discarded, but rather they become "classical" – that is well established and generally accepted. At the same time, once we have dubbed a concept classical it means that we have (at least to some extent) identified its limits of applicability and that we do have a new idea, which supercedes the classical one.

In this way, the 19th century mechanics became classical with the birth of quantum theory. But whereas quantum mechanics allowed us to understand (and master!) physical phenomena at atomic scales, the classical mechanics remained a valid macroscopic description of Nature. Nevertheless, the existence of two conceptually very different regimes raises a deep philosophical question: How does the macroscopic reality, which we directly perceive, relate to the microscopic quantum phenomena? Is there a genuine physical mechanism behind the emergence of the classical? Or is this 'emergence' but a delusion resulting from the incompatibility of classical and quantum concepts?

The problem of the "emergence of the classical" involves not only the such concepts as particle, field or energy, but also measurement, causation and existence. Therefore, it is a question involving not only physics, mathematics as well as philosophy. Following the long tradition of Kraków Methodological Conferences we will reflect upon the emergence of the classical from various perspectives aiming at a unifying insight.


Organizing committee

  • Michał Eckstein
  • Michał Heller
  • Robert Janusz
  • Janusz Mączka


The conference is supported by the John Templeton Foundation via the research grant Conceptual Problems in Unification Theories (No. 60671).